Easy DIYs: Turn a pillowcase into a wearable skirt

Easy DIYs: Turn a pillowcase into a wearable skirt.


First quilt made

So, I’m new to the world of sewing. At school I hated anything that involved a needle and thread, which in turn made me shun anything made by the own hands. Recently I’ve come to realise I need some sort of hobby, drinking and smoking is actually classed as a hobby, or so my husband tells me! Being 38 this year I’ve  thrown the cigs out, drink maybe once a month and come to terms with becoming middle aged.

I started sewing with my old 1920’s singer sewing machine but soon got frustrated. I gave in and bought a Janome machine for the beginner in mind. My first quilt is finished, yes it’s poorly done and very small, but I love it! I learnt so much from this project and every time I snuggle with my tiny lap quilt, I will remember how my journey started. imageimage